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I guess this is part three

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Every December, the Province newspaper prints a year in the stars horoscope for the following year. This horoscope was printed the last week of December 2009 (though probably written before then);

Work: The curse of the drinking class

There's no question that you're currently in limbo. Let's do a recap up to this moment to put things in perspective. In the mid-90s, you were busting your buns trying to pull something off and, by around 1996-97, you did! You started to get credit for what you were doing and by 2001 you could see what to aim for in the big picture.

Grade 11 when everything starts to count

Success, culmination, graduation and a time of harvest were yours around 2003-05. Class of 03You were out there (colour co-ordinated, of course) looking swell! In fact, in 2005-06, you were hot! You felt blessed by many things as opportunities came your way and important people endorsed you. First real job.This was definitely a time when you pushed the envelope as far as you wanted.

However, in the last few years, enormous changes have taken place. Frankly, it ain't been easy. You've got a bumper sticker on your car that says, "If you can read this, I've lost my trailer." Lost direction focus people...

Basically, you've been undergoing (and are still experiencing this year) a time of flux and change where you're letting go of what is no longer truly relevant in your life. Whatever you've outgrown, or you're no longer using, or it's just baggage, this is what you're letting go of either by choice or necessity. (Choice is always easier.) It's necessity though.

That's why you're saying goodbye to people, places, relationships and possessions. Do not think of this as a time of loss, although it feels that way. You're lightening up by freeing yourself from whatever was holding you back. This is actually a time of liberation!

Furthermore, this distillation process has a purpose. In 2010, you'll be entering a whole new sandbox. Well ain't that the truth This new scene will be the beginning of a major 30-year cycle, which is why you want to stay flexible, energetic and light on your feet.

Home suite home

Since an attractive home and a harmonious family scene is high on your list, you worked hard last year and this year to make your home more beautiful. You relish tasteful, comfy digs! But the last few years have been bizarre. Friends now pencil in your address because it's constantly changing. Don't worry. You'll land on your feet in an entirely new scene in the next 18 months. Or 18 hours (including the time difference)

I suppose that it is hindsight or me making it fit my circumstances but there is something there, some reality in this pseudo-science. A very large chunk of my wardrobe is stuffed in 3 suitcases and a gym bag. I have said goodbye to people that have raised me for 24 years and I am about to sleep in my own bed, with my two comforters and 4 baby blankets to keep me warm for the last night.

And as the sun rises in the morning, the sun will set on my life as I know it. Everything is about to change, will change startng from when i wake up in the morning. Everything will be different.

I have been having conversations with people trying to convince me it's going to be okay- that I will be fine and land on my feet and be the better for it. I think that they are also trying to convince themselves. I been having the same conversation with myself and I'm failing to be convinced beacuse I'm crying for the 50th time. I have to keep telling myself to suck it up and stop crying- I'm failing at that too.

I wish I knew for sure. That I will be okay and land on my feet; that it will be worth it and I will at least be better than I am if not the person I wish I were.

I'll even take a horoscope.

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On December 11th, 2009 05:56 pm (UTC), crazy_caramel commented:
Thanks love! I think I'll just need to be reminded of that every now and then.
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